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Working at LCL Excavation: Municipal Pipe Crew Roles

Updated: May 7

You’ve taken the first step in joining the LCL Excavation family, and you might be wondering, “Where do I fit in the crew?” This is a common question because every company has its unique work methods and crew roles. In this guide, we will provide an overview of each role on our municipal pipe crew, helping you understand where you might fit in and what to expect.

Municipal pipe crew roles at LCL Excavation

Municipal Pipe Crew
Municipal Pipe Crew


Role & Mindset Required:


  • The keeping it all together, plans ahead, final decision on site. ​

  • Balancing production, quality and safety.​

  • Keep crew morale in check.​

  • Knows every team members jobs and making sure they following them.


  • Technical knowledge of project. ​

  • Planning for today and also ahead.​

  • Sees the project in his mind before starting​

  • Getting the best out of his team members​

  • Discussing issues with owner’s site representative.​

  • LCL’s representative on site. Working in close collaboration with project manager.

Success Criteria:

  • In the morning, has a plan for the day and had crew aware of it.​

  • Coordinates efficiently all his available resources.​

  • Production good, good quality, 0 rework.​

  • Team Work​

  • In close collaboration with project manager​

  • Let his site team into his project vision at a digestible pace.​

  • Deals with end client, managing expectations.​



  • Supports foreman in all technical.​

  • Accuracy and preparedness.​

  • Leadership & following Foreman’s plan.


  • Layout in front of operations​

  • Survey Responsibilities​

  • Road layout​

  • Pipes & Manholes​

  • Video survey​

  • Handling and cleaning his equipment ​

  • Quantity tracking​

  • Foreman support.

Success Criteria:

  • In the morning​

  • Has a plan for the day, can help direct others.​

  • Crew has survey layouts ahead ​

  • No rework due to bad layout.​

  • Accuracy of quantities submitted to Foreman.

Municipal Pipe Crew
Municipal Pipe Crew



  • He is the last one to see the pipe before it’s covered.​

  • He is the eyes of the operator.​

  • Pace setter​

  • Lead hand



  • Install pipes, couplings, fittings, manholes, fire hydrants, gate valves.​

  • Guide the excavator operator, show him where to dig and how deep.​

  • Makes sure pipe is covered and compacted properly.​

  • Makes sure bedding or clear stone is install on suitable subgrade before installing pipe and structures.

Success Criteria:

  • When you arrive in the morning:​

  • Caps are on, pipes are clean​

  • During production​

  • The Main Excavator is rarely stopped (downtime)​

  • Bedding quantity is bang on​

  • Before you close the day​

  • A game plan is set for tomorrow​

  • During quality control testing​

  • Pipes are straight, sag free, pressurises.



  • Focus on the task. He sees everything. Understands hand signals.​

  • Steady, predictable, consistent & persistent.​

  • Watches over his trench guys.​

  • Always thinks safety first.​


  • Excavated productively and accurately​

  • Communicates effectively with Foreman, pipe layer and truck drivers.​

  • Disturbs minimally.​

  • Maintain his machine(s).

Success Criteria:

  • When you arrive in the morning:​

  • Trench is ready to go and so is he. ​

  • During production​

  • His work area is neat.​

  • Under control, apprehends what’s going on.​

  • Before you close the day​

  • A game plan is set for tomorrow



  • Keeping up/staying tight with the pipe installation.​

  • Doing it right, nobody’s behind him.​

  • Making site ready for the next layer. At the pace of piping install.​

  • The eye behind trench.​

  • The compaction expert.


  • Backfilling manholes, bedding pipes & main trench.​

  • Excavating & installing services.​

  • Finishing to top layer.​

  • Notices and acts if something needs attention​

  • Quality control on compaction. Notice soft spots.

Success Criteria:

  • Grading all his layers at end of day up to trench end.​

  • Finish grading is ready for the next crew or Subcontractor​

  • No rework. ​

  • Compaction is done right.



  • Supply’s pipe crew with materials and aggregates prior to them being installed.​

  • Keeps a tab on material stock, makes sure he has enough.​

  • Housekeeps the whole site.​

  • Watches out for residents.


  • Moving parts & materials.​

  • Stockpiling aggregate.​

  • Supplying bedding & Materials to crew​

  • Housekeeping.​

  • Keeps truckers hauling right material back from quarry.

Success Criteria:

  • Site is clean and ready to go in morning.​

  • Crew never runs out of material or bedding.​

  • Site is housekept to standard everyday.

Municipal Pipe Crew
Municipal Pipe Crew



  • What does the pipe layer or finishing guy’s need.​

  • Assist with pipe laying duties.​

  • Make things efficient for pipe layer.


  • Assist pipe layer. Have materials and tools ready in trench.​

  • Assist finishing operator.​

  • Water control using pumps.​

  • Ensuring pipe gaskets are clean.

Success Criteria:

  • In the morning, knows what’s next according to pipe layer’s expectation and brings required tools for in the trench.​

  • Performs physically demanding tasks.​

  • Closing the day, assists who needs help to close up the jobsite.



  • The right place at the right time.​

  • What product should I bring?​

  • Where should this be dumped?


  • Driving Safely​

  • Get loaded at the right spot​

  • Dump at the designated spot​

  • Be ready to take directions.

Success Criteria:

  • In the morning, ready at the designated spot.​

  • Safe driving, no incidents or close calls.​

  • Directions are followed.

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