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Underground Municipal Infrastructure


Underground Infrastructure

Role & Mindset Required:


  • Supports foreman in all technical.​

  • Accuracy and preparedness.​

  • Leadership & following Foreman’s plan.


  • Layout in front of operations​

  • Survey Responsibilities​

    • Road layout​

    • Pipes & Manholes​

    • Video survey​

    • Handling and cleaning his equipment ​

  • Quantity tracking​

  • Foreman support.

Success Criteria:

  • In the morning​

    • Has a plan for the day, can help direct others.​

  • Crew has survey layouts ahead ​

  • No rework due to bad layout.​

  • Accuracy of quantities submitted to Foreman.

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Lead Position

Underground Infrastructure

Company Purpose

At LCL Excavation, we're driven by a singular purpose: to "Build Great Teams". This purpose is the foundation of everything we do.

Building great teams means creating a place where everyone feels important, supported, and part of our big goal. It's about making a culture where working together is key, new ideas are welcome, and everyone is committed to doing their best, both together and on their own.

As we continue to grow and tackle new challenges, our core purpose on Building Great Teams remains at the heart of our approach. By growing a team that is as skilled as it is passionate, we work together, give our all, and enjoy the journey while achieving remarkable results. 

Explore Our Working Season

At LCL Excavation, our dedicated construction workers put in approximately 1800 hours of hard work each year. That's the same number of hours as someone working a standard 35-hour week for 52 weeks!


Working season. Mid-April to the end of November.


4-Day work week. We follow a four-day work week schedule


Approximately 1800 hours work each year

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