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"What Construction Employees Love About Working with LCL Excavation: Honest Reviews"

Welcome to our employee review series, where we shed light on the incredible individuals who comprise the LCL Excavation team in Construction. In this series, we'll be highlighting honest reviews and perspectives from our employees. Are you considering a career in construction with LCL? This article offers an inside look at what makes LCL a standout workplace in the Construction industry. From seasoned veterans to fresh faces, each member of our team brings something special to the table, and we're eager to share their stories with you.

A picture of a tandem construction truck proudly holding the handle on the cab
Gaetan Bernard-Truck Driver with LCL since 2023

Since 2023, Gaetan Bernard has been an integral part of our team, serving as a Dump Truck Operator. Known for his positive attitude and ever-present smile, Gaetan embodies the spirit of teamwork and dedication at LCL Excavation. When asked the question ''what do you like about working at LCL Excavation?'', he answered:

  • I like everything

  • The people are nice

  • My teammates help me

  • LCL has good equipment


A construction worker handling a blue water pipe
Tom Richard-Loader Operator with LCL since 2022

Tom Richard has been a valued member of the LCL team since 2022, transitioning from Duquette Construction when LCL acquired the company. Living by our company values, Tom exemplifies proactive dedication in his role. When asked about his experience at LCL Excavation, Tom highlighted several aspects he appreciates.

  • He values the four-day workweek,

  • enjoys being part of a supportive team, and

  • appreciates the company's emphasis on treating employees as individuals rather than mere numbers.

Tom's positive outlook and commitment contribute significantly to our team dynamic, and we're fortunate to have him as part of our workforce.

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