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Why hiring and recruiting will always be a thing

Updated: Apr 18

Over the last few years, our leadership team has focused more when hiring and recruiting on the type of people we hire at LCL. When I visit our projects, I'm very happy with our company's makeup. It's a big change from 2021, and I like what I see.

You might know that our company has strong seasonal swings. Yes, we work long hours in the busy season. But in December, when the ground freezes, most of our workers take at least a 3-month break. This is no shock; it's the nature of our business.

The first month off is a great chance to sort out your life. Time to rest, clean up, do minor repairs - tasks you were too busy for during the year. Three months give you a lot of time to think.

When digging begins again, most are ready to return to work they excel at and to see their work friends again. A few decide it's time for a change.

In the past, I took it hard when good workers left. It still hurts because we try to make this a great place to work. It feels like we didn't keep them interested.

My views have shifted over the years. When it comes to hiring and recruiting we aim to hire self-motivated, good people. Sometimes, they find new chances or changes come up:

  • - Needing to be home more for family;

  • - Starting a business;

  • - Attractive job offers elsewhere;

  • - Retiring;

  • - And more.

I can't control these things. All we can do is keep our doors open and wish them the best. So, some turnover is natural. It happens no matter how well we match our culture or pay.

Do you know anyone who fits well with LCL values like?: ·

Get Results; ·

Humble, no Drama; ·

Hardworking We're always eager to meet the right people.

Opportunities may arise soon or later.

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