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The Future

 Supporting future careers in construction.The 18-29 age group is up 33%. We're incredibly proud of our young talent!

Sebastien Landry

What Is The Future?

Crafting fresh tomorrows with LCL Excavation by supporting future careers in construction.

Part of 'The Future' aims to inspire and educate students about the diverse career paths available in the construction industry and to showcase the exciting possibilities that await for the students. We believe in the potential of these young minds to shape the future of our industry.

Why ThFuture?

  1. Not enough construction workers

  2. Slow and pricey housing market

  3. It's your time to make a difference

The How

  1. Hands-On Excavation Career Workshop

  2. Scholarship Program

  3. Partnerships with educational institutions, such as school systems, community colleges, and industry

Hands-On Excavation Career Workshop

  1. Getting Ready: First, LCL Excavation sets up a workshop with the school. They talk to the school to decide when it can happen and what they want to achieve.

  2. Introduction: When they arrive, LCL Excavation introduces themselves and quickly explains what the workshop is about.

  3. Showing Examples: They then show the students why excavation is important and what kind of jobs are out there. They use real stories and pictures to make it interesting.

  4. Real-Life Stuff: After that, they talk about real projects they've worked on, showing the students what excavation looks like in action.

  5. Hands-On Fun: LCL Excavation gets the students involved with activities like trying out equipment or doing simple excavation tasks.

  6. Questions and Answers: They encourage the students to ask questions about anything they're curious about in excavation work.

  7. What Did You Think?: After the workshop, LCL Excavation asks the students and teachers for feedback so they can do better next time.

Excavation Career Workshop
Excavation Career Workshop
Sebastien Landry

Scholarship Program

LCL Excavation not only invests in the education and development of individuals but also actively contributes to the growth of the construction industry.

  • Why LCL Offers a Scholarship Program:

    • Industry support

    • Corporate social responsibility

    • Addressing skills gap

    • Believes in the power of education

  • How LCL Implements the Scholarship Program:

    • Partnerships with educational institutions: collaborates with schools and colleges to identify potential candidates

  • Benefits of LCL Excavation's Scholarship Program:

    • Creating opportunities for individuals to pursue careers in construction

    • Long-Term Industry Impact

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