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Group Retirement Savings Plan

Updated: Mar 20

We’re thrilled to introduce three new financial opportunities that are all about helping you secure a brighter future. Say hello to the Group Retirement Savings Plan, Group Tax-Free Savings Account, and the Deferred Profit Sharing Plan, all made possible through the RBC Group Advantage. These are our way of showing how much we care about boosting your employee benefits.

Group Retirement Savings Plan
Group Retirement Savings Plan

The Group Retirement Savings Plan is your key to a worry-free retirement. We’ve designed it to make sure you’re all set for those golden years. And guess what? The Group Tax-Free Savings Account is here to help you save smartly while keeping taxes at bay. But that’s not all—our Deferred Profit Sharing Plan is about sharing the success. We’re in this together, and we want you to benefit from our growth.

Our goal is simple: to give you the tools to save for your dreams and financial goals. We’re working hard to get all the details ready. 

As you keep being awesome in your role, we encourage you to keep up the great teamwork that makes us who we are. You’re an essential part of our success, and together, we’ll do amazing things. Cheers to a journey filled with financial opportunities, shared success, and the ongoing spirit of building strong teams.

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