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Introducing L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc.: Building Trust Since 1994

Updated: May 1

Founded in 1994, L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc. is a distinguished leader in municipal infrastructure, aggregate, road building, and concrete curbing/sidewalk services in the Maritime provinces. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through our company's history, its evolution, and the reasons why we stand out as a trusted partner to municipalities.

L.C.L. Excavation (2006)
L.C.L. Excavation (2006)


L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc. began its remarkable journey in 1994 when Luc and Charles Levesque founded the company in Charlo, New Brunswick. Our company’s name is a tribute to their initials and reflects our founders’ dedication to their vision.

We initially focused on smaller residential projects, but as we grew, we expanded our operations in the Charlo region. We took a significant step by acquiring “Ray Levesque Excavation”(no relations), a company with expertise in municipal work and a knowledgeable staff.

L.C.L. Excavation (2006)
L.C.L. Excavation (2006)

After Charles’ retirement in 2012, our company transitioned into the capable hands of Luc, JP, and Andre. Over the years, we’ve professionalized our business, with a core focus on municipal infrastructure construction. Today, we boast a team of 95 employees, including professional engineers and civil technicians.

With 30 years in business by 2024, L.C.L. Excavation has earned a reputation as a dependable partner to municipalities in New-Brunswick.


L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc. operates from three strategic locations in New Brunswick to optimize our service for water and sewer projects across the province. Our offices are in Charlo (Head Office), Fredericton, and Moncton.

These strategically located offices allow us to live our company purpose of ''Build Great Teams'' all over New Brunswick.


With over 30 years of experience in heavy civil construction, L.C.L. Excavation (2006) Inc. has specialized in water and sewer projects, focusing on existing street reconstructions and new street extentions. We’ve made these areas our core focus to provide specialized services and deliver high-quality infrastructure projects.

Our commitment to specialization has driven growth, continuous improvement, and strategic asset purchases. To enhance our expertise, we’ve invested in specialized tools and equipment, GPS survey and machine-controlled equipment, training programs, and relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. We’ve also expanded by acquiring a water and sewer contractor in Moncton and adding a concrete curb and sidewalk crew in 2022 to enhance our project offerings.

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