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How Pipe Layers in New Brunswick Get More Out of Their Careers

Pipe Layer

Is this you?

Are you one of the few experienced and hardworking Pipe Layers in New Brunswick?

  • You are a reliable and important lead hand

  • You have the water and sewer pipe job knowledge

  • You are the hardest worker on the crew

Do you have the feeling that your current employer

  • does not appreciate your hard work and dedication?

  • does not have sufficient tooling unreliable equipment

  • Is unorganized

Would you enjoy

  • Working a 4 day work week

  • Work with a great crew and be appreciated

  • be paid what you are worth

Pipe Layers

The way that some pipe layers in New Brunswick get the most out of their careers is by working for specialized water and sewer contractor that is focused on results, people, fair compensation and work-life balance.

It would be best if you took the time to reflect on your current employment situation. Figure out if your current employer is the best option for you.

JP and a Pipe Layer

Ready to learn more about another company in New Brunswick? Do you want to have a great career as a Pipe Layer?

Pipe Layer

We are a specialized water and sewer contractor working all of New Brunswick. We offer

  • 4 Day Work Week

  • Friendly and supportive crews

  • Appreciative Leaders

  • The right tools for the job

  • Organized and productive work environment

  • Competitive compensation

    • 24-28$ per hr

    • Retirement plan

    • Health and dental insurance


“I love everything about LCL Excavation. The people are incredibly nice, my teammates are always supportive, and the equipment is top-notch. Working here has been a fantastic experience." -Gaetan Bernard - Dump Truck Operator
“I like the benefits of a four-day workweek, the supportive team environment, and the company's commitment to treating employees as individuals instead of mere numbers." -Tom Richard - Loader Operator 
“I enjoy my role as an Excavator Operator at LCL Excavation. The well-organized and challenging work environment keeps me engaged, and I truly value the good hours and compensation. My job here is both rewarding and fulfilling." -Marc-Andre Goulette Savoie - Excavator Operator
“I value my experience at LCL Excavation for its excellent communication. Knowing the game plan for each day helps me stay focused. I appreciate the teamwork with a great crew and enjoy the hard work that keeps me in shape." -Gurmantar Singh - Concrete labor

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