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Municipal Infrastructure Construction Project Highlight-Moncton Main and West Street

Updated: May 7

Project Details: This municipal infrastructure construction project is right in the heart of Moncton. We're replacing underground water, sanitary, and storm infrastructure, and building a brand-new roadway complete with concrete curbs, sidewalks, and grass reinstatement. With a project length of approximately 450 meters, this is a significant undertaking for our team.

An excavator and 2 water and sewer labourers working in the city of moncton
Preparation for a manhole installation

Technical Challenges: Situated in a low spot in the city, this area sees a high volume of sanitary and storm flows. To accommodate this, some pipes are as deep as 5 meters, and the diameters are larger than typical. Just how big? The sanitary pipe diameters range from 375mm to a whopping 1200mm, while the storm pipe diameters range from 450mm to 1500mm.

Excavation job site on Main Street in Moncton near Jones lake
View of the work site and Jones Lake in Moncton

We are getting ready to install a big 2400mm (7' 9'') storm manhole. We first have to pump the existing stormwater in a manhole upstream. We can notice the hand-mounted brick manhole. Brick is no longer used for underground municipal infrastructure construction projects, we estimate the brick infrastructure to be installed in the early 1900's.

We can notice the old existing teardrop-shaped storm line. The teardrop shape in the pipe design slows down water flow and prevents erosion by spreading out the force of the water evenly. It also helps water flow smoothly around bends, reducing the chance of blockages. This shape is chosen to make the pipe system work better and last longer.

Once the excavation was prepared, we installed a new section of 1500mm storm pipe and prepared the aggregate base for the new 2400mm manhole.

We are not only reconstructing these streets: we are Building Great Teams in Moncton. #Construction Moncton

More updates to come

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