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Navigating Success: LCL Excavation’s Core Values in Construction Across New Brunswick and the Maritime Provinces

Updated: Mar 20

At LCL Excavation, success isn’t just a result; it’s a journey guided by our unwavering commitment to core values that define who we are. These principles are not just words on paper; they are the essence of our culture, steering us toward excellence in every endeavor.

LCL Excavation
LCL Excavation


In the pursuit of results, we work smart, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Planning with purpose is our compass, and continuous improvement is our mantra. We learn from both success and setbacks, ensuring every project is an opportunity for growth.


Our commitment to humility means putting the team first. We give credit generously and accept blame willingly, fostering an environment where drama has no place. At LCL Excavation, success is a shared journey, and we navigate it together with respect and camaraderie.


In the realm of hard work, there’s no room for half measures. We give our all, going above and beyond when it counts. Being present in every task, we tackle challenges with tenacity, embodying the spirit of hard work that defines our work ethic.

Our core values at LCL Excavation aren’t just principles; they’re a way of life. From working smart to embracing humility and putting in the hard work, these values guide us in creating a workplace where excellence is the standard. Join us on this journey where every action reflects our commitment to getting results, staying humble, and working hard.

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